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About cMap

Classification and mapping for eBusiness and eProcurement

The cMap project conducts a study on the mapping of product classification systems, these complex systems of codes that provide a way for companies to classify and group their products. For example a user company can specify if the product is bread, a wrench or a live horse. There are multiple uses for these codes, within the company and/or in eBusiness applications with its trading partners.  


There are many different systems and when companies trade in different markets they face requirements to use more than one product classification system. Should these companies adapt their systems to a new classification? Should they invest time, money and change their data models? Should they classify again their products?

Or is there a possibility to map their existing codes onto other codes following pre-defined correspondences?

Is there a service that provides these correspondences?

cMap addresses all these questions and has the following items in scope:

  • Establish the mappings (correspondences) between the four product classification CPV, eCl@ss, GPC and UNSPSC;
  • Describe the mapping methodology in order to enable continuous mapping process for new releases;
  • Define the  building blocks of the architecture for a standardised classification collaboration eBusiness platform;
  • Analyse and describe a collaborative maintenance process.

 cMap is part of the CEN eCAT workshop and builds on the CC3P project conducted in 2009-2010. The deliverable of CC3P - called CWA 16138:210 - can be downloaded from the CEN Website.

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